Key Fob Replacement

key fob replacement
key fob replacement

Key Fob Replacement Made easy

Key fobs have become an ubiquitous part of the modern world. Nearly all cars sold today will come with an electronic key fob to open and lock the car doors. The word fob dates back to the late 19th century where it was used to describe an ornamental pocket-watch on a chain. The word soon came to be applied to any item on a key ring and in the early 1980’s, when the Ford Motor Company invented it’s keyless entry system, the word key fob was applied to that and has since become synonymous.

How does a key fob work?

Modern car key fob’s work by using short range radio transmission, broadcasting over a distance of around 15 to 60 feet. Radio frequencies vary by region, however, all modern key fob systems implement encryption to stop criminals from spoofing the signal. Once the button has been pressed on the key fob, the car will either open or close the car door locks depending on the command. This in turn, will generally be followed with a flash of the headlights and/or indicator lights, along with a beeping noise, to inform the car owner that the car is open or locked. Since there introduction, car key fobs have significantly reduced car thefts, saving thousand of car owners each year from having to make expensive insurance claims.

What can I do if I lose my key fob?

Losing a key fob can be a giant head ache for the owner of the car and necessitates the driver getting a replacement key fob. Most dealers will stock replacement key fobs, but will charge for the time it takes to reprogram them. Another option is an aftermarket fob that can be purchased from a locksmith. Aftermarket fob’s are generally cheaper than a replacement key fob from a dealer and can ordinarily be purchased and programmed quicker than a fob from a car dealership.

Cost of a replacement key fob?

The cost of a replacement key fob can depend on a number of different factors, but in general, most car dealerships will be looking at charging you $50 – $100 for the replacement key fob. Many will also charge you for the time it takes to reprogram the fob to the specifications of your car. Aftermarket fob’s on the other hand can be picked up from your local locksmith for prices ranging from $20 upwards. Many auto locksmiths will also reprogram the new key fob for a very small fee.

Key fob conclusions

As we have seen from it’s birth in the 1980’s, the car key fob has become almost universal on all automobiles. As such, a car owner needing to find a replacement key fob, when they have lost or misplaced one, has become a reality of the modern world. Thankfully as we have seen, the process of replacing a car key fob is relatively straight forward, with car dealerships and auto locksmiths able to assist unfortunate car owners. Now you know what to do, you won’t need to panic if you find your self in the position of having lost your cars key fob in the future!