What to do When You Locked Yourself Out of The Car

Many are the times we lock keys in our car. Every day we dread locking keys in a car but in reality this is frequent. This cannot be termed as carelessness as it is a common practice. Locking car keys in the car could ruin your day. However in this article I outline some tips on what to do when this happens.

Spare Key

The best and most reliable way to get into your car if your key is locked inside is with a spare key. You should always carry a spare key on you in case of anything.

Dial 911

Locking keys in the car can happen anywhere and at any time. It could happen somewhere insecure, or someplace you are stranded. In such cases, safety should be the first priority; you should dial 911 to get help on the way fast. In many instances, the police have the ability to unlock the car’s door. Nevertheless, if they are unable they can call a tow truck which will be on your tab most definitely but this is nothing compared to safety.

Use of a Shoelace

This is an interesting method. However, if your car doors have locks that protrude on the door panel or the locking mechanism on the side of the door is near the door handle a shoe lace can be of importance. The shoe lace or maybe shoelace is effective on door mechanisms that pull up. This method is easy but requires some practice.

Start by tying a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace. Work the shoelace into the door. Starting from the top corner of the door, work the shoelace inside the car by moving back and forth while pulling down. You should have the ability to slide the shoelace all the way inside the vehicle till the loop is close to the locking mechanism.

Tie the loop tight around the lock. Move the shoelace back and forth till the loop falls around the door lock. Once it is around the lock then you can pull on the ends to tighten the loop around the locking mechanism.

Finally pull up to unlock the door. Now that the loop is tight around the door lock you can pull up to release the door lock. This should unlock your door and allow you to reach your keys inside.