Smart Key Replacement

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Replaceing Smart keys

Daimler AG has made huge inroads to cornering the inner city car market with the release of the Smart Car brand. The Smart car is primarily designed to be compact and for people who really want a stylish and small city car. The Smart car was originally designed and released in the early 90’s and is generally designed with seating for two. The come with all the standard modern con’s of a larger car, including a Smart Key Fob.

All Smart cars that have been manufactured since 1995 are fitted with a immobilizer unit that will not allow the car to operate at all unless it correctly recognizes a transponder chip in the Smart key fob, so although a fantastic car for getting around in a busy modern inner city life, if you lose your smart car key, it can be a costly and frustrating mistake to make, but it doesn’t have to be.

How Does the Smart key Work ?

The SMART Key fob is fitted with a chip, that works very similarly to a password that you would use on most electronic devices it uses an electronic encryption to ensure it is secure as possible.

Is the Smart Key really secure ?

With the electronic encryption system it makes it almost impossible for any thief to steal your SMART car. In saying that though, car thieves have gotten more advanced than just using a coat hanger.

What if I lose my SMART Key ?

Although giving you additional security, with the encryption system it can be problematic if you happen to lose your key. If you need to replace your Smart keys you can’t just go and get a new key fob cut. You need to go and see someone ( A trained locksmith or a Smart Car dealer ) who has been trained in using the right equipment to be able to programme the transponder chip inside a key fob correctly to your specific Smart car.

How Much does it cost to replace lost Smart Car Keys ?

If you happen to lose the key to your Smart car, it can cost you anywhere up to $400 USD depending on the dealer and location you are in. Keep in mind that every key needs to be individually programmed.

Locking your Smart Keys in the car

find smart keys
find smart keys

We always recommend having a spare key no matter what. Make sure you keep your spare key in a safe place. That means not having your spare Smart key in the glove box of your Smart car. Beware the Smart car has an auto lock feature as well as a 10 MPH auto locking feature.

It is very difficult to lock your key in your Smart car, as the auto lock feature of the Smart car shouldn’t lock if the key is in the car, as the transponder chip should recognise that it is within proximity of the Smart Car

if you have lost your Smart Car key, and are in need of a Smart Key lock smith, then try our Google Customized Search to find the best locksmith provider in your area.