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Lost Car Keys?

I Lost my car keys! What now!?

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How many times have you been sent on a mad scramble around the house to find a set of lost car keys? Surely it’s a struggle everyone has been through. Fortunately, they tend to show up fairly quickly, whether it’s after a quick dig through a purse or a trifle through last night’s jeans. But what’s there to do when they fail to show up after even the most meticulous of searching? Don’t panic! While losing something so important may seem like an instant bad day, we at have the information you need to avoid any potential disasters.
Same Old Grind

After the initial panic subsides, the most common method people resort to when it comes to replacing their car keys – whether advised by Google or a friend – is to hitch a ride to the local car dealership and cough up the cash for another set. It’s a tried and true method, and for good reason: it works! A pain in the neck it may be, but people are willing to suffer through for the sake of dependability. On the flip side, however, the process of doing so is expensive, time-consuming, and just plain inconvenient.

One of the reasons this is such a popular course of action inspite of all its pitfalls seems to be as simple as a basic lack of knowledge. It’s a reliable method, after all; why change what’s always worked? This is where the good news comes in. What people don’t seem to realize is that there’s another choice involved, and that choice to work with a car key provider.

What Is A Car Key Provider?

Given the general rarity of the situation, it’s no surprise that the term “car key provider” isn’t exactly part of most people’s daily vernacular. So just what is a car key provider? While the name itself is fairly self-explanatory, there’s plenty more to it than just replacing lost car keys. Generally speaking, car key providers are a specialized type of locksmith – the very same locksmiths that you can find nearly everywhere – and the benefits of choosing them to help you replace your lost car keys over a trip to the dealership are many and plenty.

what to do if you lost your car keys ?

As they say, time is money – and replacing your lost car keys through a provider can save you both. While business is business and as such prices are going to vary from place to place, on the whole providers tend to be much cheaper than dealerships, where it can cost more that $300 to get the familiar weight back on your key ring. Talk about a pretty penny! They say that loss builds character, but these days, who can afford such a hefty toll? If you’re not inclined to drop so much money to replace lost car keys, a provider is the choice for you.

Avoiding Past Mistakes: Get Another Set Made

History does have a tendency to repeat itself, and while you (hopefully!) don’t lose your car keys every day, it’s not out of the question that it could happen again some time in the future. As such, the reasonable way to prepare for this is to plan ahead. Though it may not be free, getting a duplicate set of replacement keys through a car key provider is consistently much cheaper than doing so at a dealership, where they’re likely to simply charge the full price on each set. Parting with the money in the first place may seem unnecessary, but the inconvenience and extra expenses that will arise next time make the endeavor more than worth it. Time, stress, and money can be saved much more easily this way!

Replacing Lost Car Keys the Easy Way

When dealing with sticky situations like losing your car keys, it’s best to get things taken care of as quickly as possible – especially when the time spent between problem and solution leaves you effectively stranded at home. Whether through Uber or taxi or just getting a friend or loved one to take you to the dealership, the run-around is a hassle best avoided. Not to mention the wait time: dealerships are oftentimes busy with all sorts of dealings, thus making for long lines and wait-times, whereas car key providers specialize in precisely this line of work. In addition, since most car key providers work through locksmiths, there’s no need for the inconvenience of finding a way to get downtown with no car on hand; just give them a call and they’ll come directly to you!
Why “Do It Yourself” Approaches Fall Flat

At this point, it’s natural to wonder if dealerships and providers are really the only options when it comes to replacing lost car keys. For a lot of people, the natural response to something going wrong – especially something with such a costly solution – is to take matters into their own hands and try fixing it themselves. And technically, yes, this is possible! Modern car keys are pretty technologically advanced, but the main components can be found online, usually through E-Bay or something in that vein. Just get your hands on a metal blade, a transponder chip, and a remote control, and technically you’re in business! A little research and a little money is all it takes… in theory.
While taking the do it yourself route is all well and good for your pride, it also brings about the most problems and risks. A quick glance at the market confirms just how varied and advanced cars have become, and car keys have developed with them; getting your hands on all the exact pieces you need to replicate your own lost set of car keys specifically takes time, effort, and luck. If one singular detail is off then the entire project is for naught, and all that tedium goes to waste. When factoring in time for research, shipping, and assembling, weeks could go by – weeks without a car to drive – and you could still end up without a solution for your lost car keys. Though pride is always a factor in decision-making, the practicality of the matter strongly suggests you leave do it yourself projects for the arts and crafts room.

How Does It Work?

We’ve been through the hassles of heading to the dealership, but what about car key providers is so convenient? Perhaps the most crucial part for most people is the lack of time constraint; barring any particularly unusual circumstances, a provider can have your lost car keys replaced within the day, which is an enormous relief given the busy schedules of most people nowadays. After all, no one wants to put their life on hold!

The other major benefit of going through a car key provider is the financial weight off your shoulders. This manifests itself in two ways, one of which is fairly blatant: just like with any other product, car keys come with what are essentially the equivalents of “name-brand” and “generic.” While dealerships only sell car keys directly manufactured and sold by the car companies themselves – hence the hefty priciness – a “generic” car key provided by a car key provider serves all the same purposes for a much more modest price. The key will still lock doors, unlock doors, and serve all the same functions as the original name-brand car keys; all that will be missing are the logo and a zero at the end of the price tag.

Another more unexpected money-saver when it comes to using car key providers over dealerships comes to transportation. Of course, transporting yourself to and from the dealership without a car is enough of a hassle, but on an even pricier note is transportation of the car itself. While by definition locksmiths – and by extension car key providers – come to you, dealerships are much less reliable in that regard; if they can’t send a mechanic out to your car, you’ll have to pay a tow truck to bring your car directly to the dealership so they can take a look.

Even after so much run-around, dealerships are usually unable to provide a replacement for your lost car keys as quickly as a car key provider. While car key providers cut the key on-site, the dealership orders the key itself from elsewhere (usually the manufacturer) to maintain each key’s brand-name status, which leads to a wait time of up to two weeks. Imagine, if you can, two weeks without a car: no transportation to work, school, or social events without calling a taxi or driving your friends up the wall with favor requests. And we thought the first trip to the dealer was an inconvenience! By choosing a car key provider over a dealership, you’re taking the enormous weights of time and money off of your shoulders.

How Can We Help?

The information above is all well and good, but if all it takes is calling a locksmith, why bother making the trip to our site? The answer is simple. As with all shopping endeavors, there are plenty of factors at play when it comes to replacing lost car keys: price, response time, convenience, you name it. We take all the guesswork and tedious research out of your hands, ensuring you the best bang for your buck with minimal effort on your part. After all, not all locksmiths have car key provider services tied in with them, and the last thing you want is to be barraged by slow response time or price-inflation when it comes to those that do! By using this site, you’re minimizing your effort and risk – as well as the time it takes to get those lost keys back in your pocket!

Why Not Just Any Locksmith?

Considering how useful car key providers can be (and are!), it’s natural to wonder why every locksmith doesn’t provide these services. After all, doing so would likely level the price, making it much easier, if not obsolete, to find the best deal! In the 90s, this was in fact commonplace. Nowadays, however, car keys have become fairly complex pieces of technology; most are custom-programmed to the car in question using advanced methods to ensure security. While this process is far from impossible for locksmiths to replicate using modern technology, the necessary equipment and legal right requires a license, which not all locksmiths are required to have! This is another service we provide for you: making sure you don’t waste your valuable time calling around to find a locksmith that can provide the services you need.

What Now?

Browsing our site is naturally going to be helpful, but in times of urgency, the best thing to do Is give us a call! What else is there to know, then? While we have no such requirements, it will be highly useful to have your vehicle identification number (VIN) and driver’s license on hand for the locksmith to see, as well as your car’s proof of ownership. Other than that, the work is in our hands; just call the car key provider and wait for them to arrive! The work will likely take from twenty to forty-five minutes at most, and then the world’s your oyster – and you’re free to enjoy your no-longer-lost car keys!