BMW Key Replacement

BMW Key System
BMW Key System

The Sophisticated BMW Key System

German vehicle manufacturer BMW has been in business since 1916. Owning a car from the Bavarian manufacturer is the dream of many. However, the exhilaration of finally buying your car can be substantially dampened when you have the misfortune of losing your main and spare BMW keys. The car is usually sold with spare keys, and for good reason. BMW has a sophisticated computerized system for starting your car. The key is unique to the car and is recognized by the system. So the moment you go to a local locksmith to fix your problem, he ends up damaging the system and probably your car engine as well. BMW cars are pricey, so that is a risk you would be ill advised to take. It is important to take measures that may be costly and time-consuming at the onset than go for cheap, quick fix solutions that will leave you with insurmountable problems later.

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How BMW Keys Work

The details of the car locking system are of course a well-kept secret at BMW, otherwise, it wouldn’t be security, would it? However, the key of the modern BMW is made with a microchip and security code that makes it difficult to steal your car. There is an onboard diagnostics connector that recognizes the key and allows for operations such as opening the door, popping the boot or setting off the ignition. Modern BMW keys, such as those for the i8 model, have a VCD display fob that will enable you to see how much fuel you have left, among other interesting functions. This works for cars with key or keyless entry. Pundits project that many other functions, including locating the car and informing you that you haven’t locked it, may soon be added to the keys. No other key will work in this way with your car since each set of keys is unique to the particular car for which it is made. So it can be a real nightmare trying to get into or start your car once you lose the keys.


What to Do When You Have Lost BMW Keys


When you have lost your keys, the best way forward is to access an authorized BMW dealership center to get a key replacement. The process is relatively long since it involves reprogramming the system to accept the new key you are issued with. To begin with, you will be required to provide the center with the seventeen-digit vehicle identification number of your car. The number can be found on the inside panel of the door, on the steering column or dashboard. Then, of course, you will have to provide some proof of ownership, such a valid driver’s license or ID and the vehicle registration. You will then wait for the dealer to order a new key for you. The reason for this is that the owner does not make the replacement key but actually orders it from the supplier. Once the key arrives, you will be informed by phone, to come and collect it.

Price of BMW Key Replacement

The key replacement process can, at worst, set you back by some $300. All the same, you must appreciate that all this is done for the sake of your car’s security. Once you have replaced BMW keys, it is important to try not to lose them again. The general rule is that you may only have a replacement made nine times. If you come the tenth time, then the entire engine control unit will be replaced. This is a costly affair in the region of $5,000.


Where to go for BMW Key

You need not panic about where to find new keys when you need a replacement. There are a number of dealerships which specialize in replacing lost BMW keys. The trick is to find the one that is closest to you so you may pay them a visit. The Google customized search on this page will help you to quickly locate the dealership in your area. The listed dealerships authorized by BMW can easily be found using this specialized search engine.