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Secret Techniques To Replace Lost Dodge Keys

Losing the key to your elegant Dodge van can be such a nightmare. Especially if you do not know what the next step to take is. If this has happened to you before, I bet you understand what I am talking about and thus the need for this site. If not, it is always good to be prepared. Prevention is better than cure. This will also be very helpful in the event that your key gets stolen or you lock your key inside your house. Follow this simple process and in no time you will be able to enjoy the luxury of cruising in your Dodge once more!

Identify The Make and Year of Your Van

When it comes to the make and year, some vans will have a transponder attached to their key while others will not. Also, some keys have a smart chip installed and this is not the case with others. If your van’s keys have the transponder or smart chip, the best thing to do would be to visit the nearest local Dodge dealer. If the opposite applies, it is recommended that you bring the spare key to a locksmith service supplier to copy. Then you can have an extra set of keys.

Identify Your Van’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Before replacing your keys, any dealer and even the locksmith will need to affirm that the car whose keys are being replaced, indeed belongs to you. That is done by producing your VIN to the dealer.You can locate this on the driver’s side of your dashboard; right under the hood that is at the front of the engine. It can also be stamped on the front of your frame just near the driver’s side wheel. Remember this also depends on the make and year of your van.

Programming of The Key

If your car keys contain an installed smart chip, then you will probably contact your nearest Dodge dealer. Once it is verified that the car belongs to you, your new key will need to be reprogrammed. In order for this to happen, you will need an extra set of spare keys. If you do not have them, you can buy one from the dealership. This will cost you about $200 per key. But a cheaper alternative is to get the keys from the local locksmith. It will be cheaper by surprisingly even half the price.

So be wise and get a third key before you lose any one of the two you already have.

In case you do not have two keys, the dealer can reprogram a second new one for you and then you will have to reprogram the third one yourself.

At The Locksmith……

If your car keys do not have a smart chip or a transponder, then you will probably contact the locksmith. Locksmiths have numerous advantages over the dealers. However, you choose what you prefer. Locksmiths are much faster with the process of key replacement. Also, their prices are much cheaper than those offered by the dealership. A locksmith will always replace your keys to your convenience.

A locksmith can make a copy of the key without having to change the ignition switch or the door locks. In addition to this, just recently locksmiths have been able to make and program a key as well.

If Your Key is Locked Inside Your Car

Locking your keys in your car is such an inconvenience. Especially if you are in a new or unfamiliar place and you need to get home fast. For you to open the car door, you must gain access to the interior. It is important that you contact the nearest Dodge dealer or locksmith when this occurs. Avoid trying to solve the problem using home deviced methods that might actually do more harm than good. Depending on who you choose to contact, a similar process as the one above will be used.

Follow these tips and have an easy way out of a catastrophe!

For location of local locksmiths who will solve your car key problems, use our customized Google search on this page. It will lead you to them in an instant!