Nissan Key Replacement

nissan keys
nissan keys

Nissan Car Keys: From the Simple to the Complex

A Nissan car key can range from a simple mechanical key blade to a complex transponder fitted remote device. It all depends on the year of manufacture of your vehicle. Nissan generally stopped manufacturing the mechanical key blade in 1988 and replaced it with the electronic type. Today Nissan have key fobs and remote operations like any other vehicles. So if you happen to lose your keys, replacing them can be a simple or complex process, depending on what type it is. The mechanical type is replaced by simply curving out another. Any locksmith from your neighborhood worth his salt can easily craft that. However, it is the replacement of the most advanced type of key that most people inquire about.

Digital Nissan Keys

When you lose a key with an inbuilt transponder or fob, then you will need to contact an authorized Nissan dealer to order a replacement. These types of keys perform various remote functions including opening and locking the door, boot and so on. The fob key is also programmed to ignite the engine remotely, provided that it is within close range, such as inside the vehicle. Once the original and spare keys are lost, then an immediate replacement should be ordered by the local dealer. It is for security reasons that you may not order the key yourself since even car thieves could do that. Nissan does its best to ensure that only the rightful owner of the vehicle gets a key replaced. Consequently, your identity and proof of ownership can be verified by the dealer before a replacement is done.

Steps to have Lost Nissan Keys Replaced

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The dealer will require you to furnish them with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which can be found by checking the top of the dashboard on the driver’s side, the side panel inside the driver’s door, or the insurance agreement papers. You can order a key replacement using the VIN. However, when going to collect the key, it is important to identify oneself as the owner of the vehicle, through the presentation of a valid ID or driving license, and a car title or loan paperwork. The replacement process can take a number of days since the company has to design a key that will work with the computer module of your vehicle. Moreover, there are thousands of VINs at Nissan, so finding the details of your car can take some time. The process is thorough and ensures the desired results for you. Consequently, it is not too much to ask, for you to wait a week or so.

The Costs Involved in Replacing Nissan Keys

Replacing your digital key will cost you between $100 and $300 depending on the key type. The more recent types of keys with fobs are the most expensive. That is because they have advanced technological features carrying more functions. The keys are also customized to be used by your engine only. Modern technology is generally more expensive. The reason is that the cost of research that go into the design process must be recouped. As a vehicle owner, you must appreciate that the security systems involved make it difficult for some passerby to steal your car. So these costs are well worth it. In fact, the cost of Nissan key replacement is lower on average, than that of several other brands of vehicles.

Finding the right Nissan Dealership

It might prove to be a bit of a challenge finding the right Nissan dealership for the replacement your lost key. However, that need not be a worry. You can easily find an authentic Nissan sales and service center near you. One of the most reliable ways of doing that is using our Google customized search on this page. The search engine lists the various dealers in different locations making it easier for you to find the one in your area. Then you will have your Nissan key replaced without a further hassle.